Upcoming Holidays

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach I begin to work a bit less, though Spirit and Tarot are always a number one priority in my life I do care to create an uplifting environment for all to experience. It is important to stay centered during the holidays as they tend to bring emotional stress and days filled with erratic behaviors. I recommend for you to stay focused on your intentions. The holidays are a time to celebrate life with those you love and no thing is more important than the moments shared with friends and family. No matter how humble your surroundings…make time to share your ideas and dreams with those you love without interruptions from your devices. Take time to turn off and tune in to real time with family as time spent with those you love will forever live in your hearts and minds…a thing no one can take from you!

Remember, build those relationships with fun filled moments of happiness and good old fashioned values. Share meals and celebrate with conversations around the dinner tables as these special moments create a time of endurance and life long memories that are never forgotten.

Most importantly, celebrate life with a remembrance of those who came before you! That’s what its all about…

Yours Truly,

Looking forward to the Holidays 🙂

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